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About Mona & Friends
a non-profit organization with a mission to help, protect, and find a permanent home for stray animals

Mona& Friends emerged from the situation with stray animals in Macedonia, and the aspiration to help them. The goal is to build a proper facility for those in need. With your donations and support we will get there. 

Once the facility is built, we will be self sufficient by dividing the facility in two wings. Left wing will be a designated to homeless dogs and cats and providing the care they need. the right wing will be dedicated to our paying customers. We will have boarding facilities, reception for checkins, veterinary clinic with available staff 24/7, emergency room, and an indoor/outdoor play area where your pet will socialize with other pets while away from home.

The goal is to start with shelter, food, medical treatment, castration and vaccination, post surgery care. Once the animal is ready and in good health, we will begin the search for their forever homes. All pets ready for rehoming will be published on our website. We will interview and evaluate each application to assure it's a good fit for both. 

In order to do so, we first need to build the appropriate shelter for all these homeless animals, who will have adequate conditions for residence and treatment and will be the first place from where you would like to foster your new pet.

Here at Mona & Friends, we are driven by a single goal: to do our part in making the world a better place for all.

Help us reach our goals by making a donation
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If you prefer a bank transfer, please contact us for more info.

Where your donation goes?

All donations are dedicated for the build of a shelter. The shelter will have a front intake, veterinary clinic & hospital, quarantine department, coffee shop for paying customers, lodging for an overnight stay for on-duty staff, small stray, large stray, reception room for those needing care and an outdoor fenced play area.

Please see the 3D model below of our upcoming shelter.

Thank you for your kind support!

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Finding Permanent Homes

The sad kingdom of homeless animals

​Everyone who is an animal lover sympathized with the difficult life of the homeless animals on the street at least once in their life.


Being part of the street, left alone is not easy at all.

Many are born under the open sky, left alone, chased, and beaten by people. In the cold, snow, wind, hellish heat, rain, without a roof over their heads.

Others were once part of someone's family but were relentlessly thrown like toys on the street, not knowing what was going on and where they had gone wrong in order to survive on their own.

We don't know if you know, but stray animals are perhaps one of the smartest and dearest pets you can have in your life. Their hard day-to-day life makes them very grateful if you give them a hand and a warm home. Wandering under the open sky in all weather conditions and survival makes them incredibly smart! Homeless animals have the saddest destinies! 

Poisoning is an everyday practice in Macedonia.


Wanting to ease the hunger, these animals eat every food they find, not knowing that some of them are poisoned. Thousands of innocent lives full of love have died on the streets of this sad kingdom!

But, it is not the scariest thing they deal with every day.

People with devilish souls are the ones who are the scariest for them! They beat them for no reason even while they are sleeping. They chase them, and even when they finally find some shelter, they are beaten again and killed. They do not harm anyone, they look at them with the greatest contempt and hatred, and all they want is to have a home! 


The state has never found a suitable solution for all these lives, but we think it is ENOUGH!

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